How to Put Keychain on Backpack? 5 Ways to Attach

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How to Put Keychain on Backpack?

A key chain organizes and frequently holds several keys to prevent the whole set from becoming misplaced. You can use keychains on your backpack for decorative purposes or to grasp your keys. You may wonder now; how to put a keychain on a backpack.

There are many ways to put a keychain on a backpack. You can tie it with the zipper or the strap of your bag. Therefore, to attach a keychain to your bag, remove the key ring from a key fob and connect it with a ball chain.

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Common Ways to Attach Backpack Keychain

Although there are different ways to attach keychains to your backpacks, here are one of the best and easiest methods.

  • Keychains Attached to Zipper Pulls

To tie a keychain with the zipper of your backpack, first, split the keychain loop a little apart with the help of your fingers or nails. Now, using your other hand, hold the zipper pull of your bag. While holding the keychain loop apart, move the zipper pull toward the curved ends of the keychain.

Above all, to firmly attach the keychain with the zipper pull, turn the loops of the keychain repeatedly.

  • Keychains Attached to Ball Chain

You can also put a keychain on a backpack by tying it with the ball chain or hangtags of your rucksack. For doing so, separate the original keychain from a keyfob, then put it on the ball chain of your bag.

To attach it securely to your bag, turn your keychain’s curves repeatedly until you can’t detach it.

  • Keychains Attached to Straps

Another way to attach a keychain to your backpack is to tie it with its straps. For this, unzip the straps of your bag, then slip the curve of your keychain onto it. After that, reconnect the straps of your backpack.

Now, according to your taste, you can position the keychain up & down and the side of the strap.

  • Keychains Attached to Dogleash Hook

You can also put a keychain on the backpack using a dog-leash hook. Visit your nearby hardware store to buy a dog-leash Hook. After getting a dog-leash pin, put a keychain into it, then clip it with the hangtag or ball chain.

Besides attaching a keychain to your backpack, a dog-leash hook also gives a stylish look.

  • Keychains Attached to Bag Using a Ribbon

This method is effective for backpacks that don’t have a zipper. If you have a bag without a zipper, you can take a ribbon and put it around the handle of your bag through the keychain, then tie a double bow firmly so you don’t lose the keychain.

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Types of Keychains

Keychains are one of the most cost-effective and best gifts to give someone. Although various forms of keychains are available in the market, below are some cool keychains for backpacks.

  • Backpack Pets Keychain

Pet keychains are one of the most aesthetic keyrings for your kid’s backpacks. The best animal or pet keychain is the Rainforest series which contains pets, such as a tree frog, laguna, panther, sloth, sea horse, and orangutan.

  • Mini Backpack Leather Keychain

It is one of the best keychains with a lifetime guarantee. A leather keychain is a handmade key ring that you can buy easily from your nearby store. Moreover, it is available in different shapes and designs, including alphabets and animals.

  • Backpack Accessories Keychain

These are best for girls’ backpacks. Accessory keychains are available in the shape of dolls, jewelry, coins, and rings in multiple colors and designs. You can buy these keyrings from your nearby market to make your kids happy.

  • Lululemon Backpack Keychain

Lululemon is one of the top-rated stores for bags and keychains. Their keychains are made of beautiful leather, silicon, and metal designs and logos. Additionally, these keychains are composed of excellent stuff, so they are best for your children’s bags.


Where Can I Put Keychains?

Along with attaching keychains to your backpacks, you can put them on your jeans, hang them in your home for decoration, and use them as accessories for your phone, laptop, and refrigerator.

How Do You Attach a Keychain to Fabric?

The best way to attach a keychain to any fabric is to cut small straps of it, then iron the ends of it. Fold the fabric ¼ inch from each side and iron it again. After that, place the opposite side of the fabric with each other and sew them. Now, fasten the keychain with it using a rubber pillar.

How Do I Open a Keychain Loop?

You can open a keychain loop without damaging your nail using a coin. For this, take a coin and push it down toward the ends of the keychain, then go about ½ an inch away from the endings and press it down on a slight angle. Now, twist the coin in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction until the loop gets opened.

What’s the Difference Between Keyring and Keychain?

A keychain is a small chain or loop that attaches different items to a keyring. However, the keyrings don’t contain any chains. It simply consists of a ring.

Bottom Line

A key chain is one of the most elegant things to have. You can attach a keychain on backpacks, handbags, and jeans to enhance their charm and looks. Different forms of keychains are available in the market, including pets, leather, metal, crochet, and many more.

You can tie a keychain to your backpack using a zipper, strap, hangtags, and ribbons. Hopefully, the above guidelines will assist you greatly in attaching keychains to your bags.

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