How to Make School Bag at Home

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How to Make School Bag at Home – Step by Step

Making your own school bag is not an easy task these days. The students already carry too many burdens in their bags like books, pencils, lunch boxes, and other knickknacks that can’t be expected to fit into the bag. However, there are many parents who want to make kids’ school bags by themselves as they feel it’s better to spend the money on something else instead of buying school bags.

There is a number of benefits of making your own bag at home. The first benefit is that you will have control over what kind of materials are being used to make it, secondly, you can have a different bag for every day and thirdly, you can bask in the warmth of the sense of satisfaction it gives when you see your child walking with a school bag that you have made yourself.

Making a school bag can be an easy task, but requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, there are some simple steps that may help us in making our kids’ bags at home:

Follow 4 Steps – How to Make School Bag at Home

STEP 1: Use a sturdy material for the base of the bag such as denim, canvas, etc.

STEP 2: Decide whether you want to make one large compartment or divide it into multiple small compartments. Also, decide how many pockets you want to make and also what should be their dimensions.

STEP 3: Now comes the part where we need to decide how we will attach a handle. For a bag made from denim, a strap of the same material can be attached vertically so that it becomes easy for the kids to carry their bags themselves.

STEP 4: Now comes designing and decoration. You can use several designs such as applique, stitching, etc. Use your imagination and creativity in decorating the bag.

Designer bags may look good, but they oftentimes aren’t durable enough to serve for a long period of time. This is where you score because all it takes to make the school bag last longer is your imagination and creativity because you can create everything that doesn’t wear out quickly like zips, buttons, etc., at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Where can you buy the materials required for making a school bag?

A1) All kinds of fabrics and clothes can be bought from a nearby market or online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Q2) Does it require a very high skill level to make school bags?

A2) This question cannot be answered directly because different people have different levels of skills. However, it requires a very high stitching ability to do the job well. As I said before using your imagination and creativity is more important than good stitching.

Q3) Can you make a school bag for your child’s daycare or nursery?

A3) Yes, it is possible to make a bag of the desired size and shape by following all the steps I gave above. However, keep in mind that these bags are usually made from cheap fabric because children often play with them outside and make them dirty.


So above was a simple guide to help you make a school bag at home which will not only be durable but also carry your child’s favorite things for him/her every day. A lot of people think that making bags is very difficult, but as I said earlier it can be done by using our imagination and creativity. It is even possible to make bags for children’s daycare or nursery, but keep in mind that they are made using cheap fabric.

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