How to Choose a Bag for Your Body Type For Use

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How to Choose a Bag for Your Body Type For Use

Choosing the right bag for your body type is important to looking and feeling your best. A bag that is too big or small can throw off your balance and make you look awkward. In this post, we’ll outline a few tips for How to Choose a Bag for Your Body Type. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so choose what works best for you!

Tips for Choosing a Bag for Every Body Type:

Petite Women

Petite women should choose small cross-body bags that fall above the hip line. A larger bag will overwhelm your petite frame. Opting for styles on the slimmer side, which are proportionate to your size, are best on shorter ladies. Totes with wide straps that rest on the shoulder or satchels with long straps that can be worn across the body are good options for petite women.

A slightly larger bag can also work well on a woman of average height and weight, but consider the size of your most often used wallet when shopping for your next big purchase. Make sure you can fit all of the essentials and some extras like lip gloss and sunglasses in your bag. A bag that’s too small will make you feel like it’s always full, while a bag that is too big may never get packed to capacity or it can be cumbersome as you navigate through crowded areas.

Choose bags with interesting shapes and details to make your outfit stand out and draw attention away from your size.

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Curvy Women

Curvy women should choose cross-body and satchel bags that sit at the waist or rest on the hips to avoid adding any unnecessary volume to the lower half of their body. Bags with short drop handles, like those found on clutches, can also work well for curvier fashionistas as they take the focus away from larger hips and thighs.

Oversized bags in general are another good option for curvier ladies, but they have to be in proportion with your height. A woman who is 5’5″ or taller can comfortably carry a bigger bag, while women under 5’5″ may be better off opting for smaller handbags that are proportionate to their shorter stature.

Larger bags should sit at the waist or lower, but not below the hips. You want to create an hourglass shape with your bag, so make sure it starts at one point and ends at another! So avoid hobo styles that drape over, especially if you’d like to draw attention to your bust.

Curvy women should also consider structured bags, which can flatter the figure while adding a hint of chicness to any outfit. For evening occasions, choose beaded clutches or embellished satchels for an elegant look.

Slim and Tall Women

Taller women are blessed with long arms and legs, so they have even more options for handbags. Wider straps are generally best, as they will hit closer to the shoulder for a comfortable fit. A long cross-body strap is also another great option for taller customers, but make sure you can wear it comfortably over one shoulder and across your body so it doesn’t dangle awkwardly as you move about.

Timeless styles like structured handbags, simple clutches, and classic totes are always a great choice for tall women because they’re proportionate to your frame. Oversized styles can also be flattering if you have the right proportions.

The ideal size bag for an average woman is still small enough that she can carry it around all day without noticing it, but large enough that it can hold her essentials without forcing her to overpack. An adjustable strap that you can wear as a cross-body or as a shoulder bag is also a great alternative for those who would like to have the versatility of wearing their purse in different ways.

The perfect handbag isn’t about choosing one style and sticking with it forever. It’s about choosing styles that flatter your figure and personality, so you never have to say no to an adorable accessory again!

Pear Shape Women

Everyone has a different idea of what pear shapes are, but for this article, we’re referring to those whose lower half is smaller than their top.

Smaller bags like clutches and wristlets work well for this body type and should be worn on the waist or at the chest. This will draw attention to your upper half and create the illusion that your lower half is larger than it really is. Drawstrings and elastic waist bags are also a great choice as they can be adjusted to fit your frame.

Smaller, dainty bags work best on pear shapes as too large of a bag will overwhelm you and make you appear even shorter. When shopping for handbags, look for those that have short straps. Avoid cross-body styles and opt for a shoulder bag instead, just make sure it sits high on your arm to avoid adding extra weight on one side of your frame.

For colors that suit this body shape best, look for darker shades like black, navy blue, or dark green that will add definition around the waist while keeping colors balanced. Pinks and other light colors will add the appearance of extra weight to your lower half, so avoid these colors when shopping for handbags that suit your shape best.

For evening occasions or dressier events, structured bags work best to create a more defined waistline while complementing your personal style. Two-tone shells can be flattering for pear shapes as they break up the dark shades in your outfit and add some modern flair.

If you’re shopping online, be sure to check the dimensions of each bag before purchasing. Sometimes less is more when it comes to handbags, so sticking with smaller styles that are proportionate to your shape will help draw attention away from areas you’d rather not flaunt.

Hourglass Figure Women

Those with hourglass figures have curves in all the right places and can wear a wide range of handbags without having to worry about them overpowering their figure. The hourglass body type is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle, or a banana, due to its similarity in shape.

Pick out a handbag that accentuates your waistline and complements your figure. Choosing a single-strap shoulder bag is a good choice for this body type, as it will highlight your curves even more by keeping the focus on your middle.

If you’re into bolder colors or more detailed patterns, consider shopping for a unique evening bag, like a box clutch or a vintage-inspired satchel. These bags tend to be larger than average, but the depth of the shape keeps them proportional and won’t make you appear wider than you are.

When shopping online, look for handbags with mixed textures like satin, studs or embellishments as these details will keep the focus on your elegant style. Aqua tones work very well for hourglass shapes as they will accentuate your curves while camouflaging any areas that are on the curvier side.

For casual occasions or everyday wear, consider using a cross-body bag, or a trendy bucket purse with a shoulder strap. Neutral colors with pops of color will keep you in line with the latest trends while complementing your body shape.

Shopping for handbags that are trendy and flatter your figure will ensure you have a closet full of accessories that are both stylish and functional. Remember to shop for handbags that are proportional to your frame, whether it’s larger or smaller than average. Picking out a variety of styles and colors will ensure you look great from all angles.

Apple Shape Women

Those with an apple-shaped body have a larger midsection and narrower hips and shoulders. When shopping for handbags, look for those that will help draw the eyes away from your middle.

Hobo styles are a great choice as they tend to be roomier than normal handbags, which adds extra volume around your waistline without drawing attention to that area. Another great option is an extra-large tote bag, which will keep the focus on your upper body while also serving as a practical everyday accessory.

When shopping online, pay attention to proportions. You don’t want a handbag that looks small against your shoulders but too large around your waistline. Handbags with straps are better than clutches for women with an apple-shaped bodies. This not only gives you the option to carry your bag but also keeps it in place so it doesn’t slip around while you’re walking.

If you have a larger bust line, avoid clutches or bags that are boxy in shape as these will directly draw attention to your chest area. Instead, pick out a bag with more of an hourglass shape and use it as a way to accentuate your waist or draw attention away from the front area.

For everyday wear, look for purses that add volume around your middles such as structured designs with wide sides and pockets. The extra pockets will help keep you organized while also adding space to your frame.

For casual occasions, consider using a cross-body or shoulder bag to keep the focus on your upper body while you’re out and about. Using neutral colors that are darker around the top will help draw attention away from your midsection and onto other areas of your figure.

Don’t shy away from wearing bolder colors if they still complement your style, just keep the color palette a little darker to balance out your shape.

If you have a smaller bust line, go for styles with embellishments or pockets around the chest area as this gives you more definition and keeps attention focused on your upper body. Wearing handbags that are embellished will also add detail to your figure and add more volume.

Decorative matching sets, such as a purse and wallet, are another great option for women with an apple-shaped body. They’ll keep the focus on your waistline while also giving you plenty of coordinated accessories to work with.


– if you have a larger bust – focus on textured/spacious designs with more volume

– if you have a smaller bust – use embellished, structured designs to draw attention to your waistline and upper body

– avoid clutches that are too wide or boxy

– choose a bag that complements your shape the best according to your hip and waist width

– to balance out larger thighs – go for a bag with an hourglass shape (widest at the bottom)

– to balance out smaller hips – choose a shoulder/backpack-style purse that is more rectangular in shape

Thank you for reading my article. I hope it helped.


“I’m an apple frame, but I have a larger bust. What kind of handbags should I try to wear?”

If you’re looking for a way to balance out your larger bust line, look for styles that are more structured and allow you to keep your figure defined. You can also wear bags that draw attention from the chest area by having lots of detail and embellishments.

“What kind of handbags should I avoid?”

For a woman with an apple-shaped body, it’s best to stay away from clutches that are too boxy or wide because they will add volume right where you don’t want it. Instead, opt for something more hourglass in shape and try to stick with handbags with straps.

“What size bag should I get?”

When shopping for a handbag, you don’t want something too big or too small because this can make your upper body appear top-heavy or bottom-heavy. Measure the widest part of your upper body and choose styles that are around that width or slightly bigger or smaller.

Do hourglass figures have big thighs?

Hourglass figures aren’t exempt from gaining weight in their thighs. Hourglasses do tend to gain more weight in the stomach and bust areas before anywhere else, but even women with hourglass shapes will gain fat in other areas if they eat too much or don’t work out regularly.

What type of purse is best for full-figured women?

The best type of purse for full-figured women is one that fits their body style. Women with hips should choose handbags that are wider at the bottom to balance out the width of their hips. Pear shapes look great with shoulder bags or backpacks since they draw attention away from the hip area and onto the upper body.

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