How to Attach Snowshoes to Backpack: 06 Best Ways

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how to attach snowshoes to backpack

Are you trying to learn how to attach snowshoes to backpack? Well, snowshoes play a key role in hiking and other sorts of adventures. They are rigid and are available in good-looking sizes.

Additionally, they are very lightweight and easy to attach to a backpack. But snowshoes depend on the sort of backpack. It is very important to know what type of backpack you like.

Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for tours, adventures, and winter hiking.  The pair of footwear may be a burden for you during hiking. But it is easier to fix the snowshoes to a backpack than to carry them during difficult adventures.

If you are finding the best ways to attach footwear to a backpack, then this article is for you!

In this article, we will explore the essential ways that help to fix the snowshoes to pack. And you will get comprehensive information on the pros and cons of these ways.

It is crucial to know about snowshoes to backpack before delving into the best essential ways to attach shoes to a backpack during different adventures.

What are the Snowshoes?

What are the Snowshoes

Snowshoes are specially designed for floating on the snow having a large surface area. They support us during the walking in winter areas. They play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the hiker during the hiking. It is crucial to carry snowshoes with backpack in a secure direction during adventures.

Snowshoes are available for anybody like kids, women, and adults. They are lightweight due to manufacturing with high-quality materials. They are available at competitive prices in the market.

Important Facts to know about carrying the Snowshoes:

  1. It is essential to keep the cleats together to save the pack’s fabric during the stacking of the snowshoes.
  2. The scraps of footwear leave permanent marks due to the destruction of the backpack’s fabric.
  3. If your backpack does not have a right-side strap, then a short bungee cord is a good solution for you.

If you fail to get cleats together then snowshoes keep away from your backpack.

The Best Ways to Attach Snowshoes to Backpack:

When you travel in winter conditions to enjoy the good moments it is important to carry snowshoes with a backpack. There are the best ways help to fix the footwear to pack to reduce the load during hiking or other adventures.

Attach snowshoes on the side of the Backpack:

Carrying snowshoes on one side or both sides is the most common and secure method during hiking. The backpack compression straps help to hold the footwear in the perfect spot. Furthermore, you can adjust the snowshoes on one side of the backpack and the other snowshoe on the other side of the backpack.

Additionally, you can carry both footwear on one side. It only depends on your situation whether you like one side or not. The adjustment of shoes on both sides is the best for hiking in winter conditions. Because it reduces the weight of snowshoes to backpack and you can easily walk in different types of adventures.

Pros and Cons of Side carry way:


  • It is a secure method for all kinds of adventures, especially in winter conditions.
  • There is no need for extra gear to carry the snowshoes.
  • This way decreases the load of footwear by carrying each on one side.
  • The main advantage is that it is not involved in the main body parts like arms.
  • It does not interfere with Zip and other main compartments of the backpack.


  • It can cause damage to the backpack’s fabric.
  • This way creates difficulty in knowing the best position
  • The main disadvantage is the cover-up of water bottle pockets of the backpack

Attach snowshoes on the Front side of the Backpack:

A front carryway for snowshoes is the best method for any traveler. You can use this way for many types of backpacks. It is the perfect choice for hiking or outdoors.  This method is more comfortable and adjustable for hikers. Because you can very easily carry footwear in snow weather conditions without getting the load on your hip.

Furthermore, you might need equipment to keep and maintain the footwear with a backpack during walking. These are following most important things that help in difficult conditions.

  1. The compression Straps
  2. The accessory straps
  3. Need of Cord
  4. The front pocket of the backpack

These things are crucial to hold the snowshoes to the backpack. You can feel more comfortable and less weight by using these things. Additionally, the size of a backpack for snowshoes is the most important to know before traveling.

Pros and Cons of Front Way:


  • The compression strap for holding the snowshoes is fast and easy to adjust.
  • There is no advanced gear needed for adjustment.
  • The most important pro is its versatility.
  • You can use it for more advanced functions.
  • It is made with high-quality and lightweight materials.


  • It is less secure than other methods for carrying snowshoes.
  • It may destroy your water bottle and front pockets.
  • Its panels are made with lightweight materials.
  • The snowshoes away from your body can cause an unbalanced potential.

Attach snowshoes Under the Lid of the Backpack:

This method is the best in the case of overloading. If you have the top loading backpack for walking then this way is for you. These packs are specially designed for carrying footwear. This method is most common for any brand even for larger binding packs. You can easily adjust your shoes under the lid while walking.

Moreover, this method depends on your sort of snowshoes to backpack and interests. If you have high quality pack for traveling then this method is ideal for you. You can use this way for the whole season without damaging your backpack.

Pros and cons of Under the Lid Way:


  • This method is more secure and fast.
  • It is easy to adjust and implement.
  • It is made with high-quality material for carrying.
  • You feel balanced and comfortable due to its attachment to a close body.


  • You can’t use other things without removing the first snowshoes.
  • It is not the best option for long-time hiking.

Attach snowshoes with Bungee cord to Backpack:

This method can become stronger and more comfortable in the case of a small compression strap. The small compression strap can’t hold the snowshoes during traveling. So, you might need a bungee cord that helps to attach the snowshoes. This method is more comfortable than others due to light materials. So, anyone needs to know how to attach snowshoes to a backpack before adventures.

Additionally, the bungee cord makes the snowshoes very secure and helps to walk very fast. If you have a large backpack, then you might use two bungee cords for a stronghold to pack. The best points for attachment are daisy chains and compression straps.

Furthermore, bound the one bungee cord with one corner and the cord with the other corner for support. If you want to make it more comfortable, then push the bungee around the strap. It is essential to adjust the body size of a backpack for snowshoes before hiking.

Pros and Cons of Bungee Cord Way:


  • This way is very easy and quick to implement.
  • It is more comfortable and adjustable for walking.
  • It puts less load on your body.


  • There are no inherent features in the case of forgetting them at home.
  • It can cause the restriction of the backpack.
  • It can also cause a burden on you.

Horizontal Attach Snowshoes to Backpack:

The horizontally attached snowshoes are the best method for small backpacks. This method is properly designed for hiking and outdoor tours.  The black horizontal strap is the main feature that helps in holding the footwear.

If you want to get less load on your body, then you should focus on its high-quality materials.  These lightweight materials help to put less burden on the hip.

Pros and Cons of the Horizontal Way:


  • They are very quick.
  • They can easily be maintained and implemented.
  • They are lightweight.
  • There is no need for extra gear for the procedure.


  • They have limited function due to their length.
  • The compression strap’s length is also small.
  • They do have no extra room to store things while walking.

Compression Strap Way for attachment:

This way is most common to carry snowshoes with a backpack. It only depends on your sort of backpack. Additionally, if your backpack has a large compression strap, then the footwear will attach very strongly. In this way, the compression strap secures the snowshoes at the exterior of the backpack.

Pros and Cons of Strap Way:


  • This method makes the snowshoes very secure.
  • They hold the footwear very tight.
  • They are more comfortable and adjustable.


  • This method may cause damage to the backpack’s exterior.
  • It can cause an unbalanced situation while traveling.


When it comes to how to attach snowshoes to backpack, then it should consider the sort of backpack. There are many ways to attach them but these methods are the best for you. Additionally, it depends on you which method is suitable for you in the case of comfort zone.

So, focus on the method that is more comfortable and adjustable during hiking and in winter conditions. Focus on the pros and cons of each way of snowshoes to backpack so that you can decide one of the best for you!


Where do you keep the snowshoes on the backpack for adjustment?

Under the top lid is the method that has the compartment with adjusted size to keep the snowshoes in it. When the compartment is closed, footwear is kept in it is very secure.

What is the proper way to secure snowshoes?

The front carry method is the only method in which the snowshoes are fastened. In this method, the snowshoes to backpack are more secure. You can use to front pocket, Bungee cord, and strap for securing the snowshoes.

Which type of footwear is appropriate for snowshoeing?

It is very crucial to decide what type of boot is suitable for you in winter conditions. The insulated and waterproof footwear is the choice for hiking or outdoor travel. These types of boots are made with high-quality and durable material that can resist the conditions of the weather.

How are snowshoes stored?

A dry and cool place is the best option for storing the snowshoes. This process carries on until the room is hot or moist. Snowshoes will be kept away from children and others during drying.

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