How to Carry Snowshoes on Your Backpack: Quick and Easy Method

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How to Carry Snowshoes on Your Backpack

Snowshoes are best if you are going on a winter hike. Sometimes, they become more of a burden than an aid, especially when you come upon an area of open land. At this point, you ought to remove your snowshoes and fasten them to your backpack. So, how to carry snowshoes in the backpack?

There are various ways to carry snowshoes on a backpack, although some are energy-draining. Moreover, it is based on the structure and characteristics of your bag. Depending on the size and texture, you can strap your snowshoes to the side, top, or front of your rucksack.

Do you want to lessen your burden by carrying snowshoes in a backpack? If so, follow our guidelines.

Snow Shoes; What Are They?

Snowshoes are particular footwear made for walking in winter. They have a large surface area that helps in distributing your weight over the base so you can walk on snow. As a result of their sturdy construction, you gain some much-needed traction and a more stable footprint.

The best thing about them is that anybody can wear them, from kids to elders.

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The Mechanics of Snow Shoes

Snowshoes expand the area of the ground beneath your feet. It works by evenly distributing your weight over a wide surface area to prevent you from falling. As a result, the bearing surface can endure your weight without collapsing.

You know many best snowshoes are available in the market but the type of snowshoes you need to wear depends on your body weight and the weight you carry. More the weight, the larger the snowshoes you need to wear. Therefore, if your snowshoes don’t have enough width, avoid packing your backpack too full. Moreover, it is easier to walk on packed snow than freshly fallen snow in snowshoes.

Ways to Carry Snowshoes on a Backpack

There are several ways to carry snowshoes on a backpack, some of them are listed below:

  • Side of Backpack

If your backpack has side compression straps, you can use them to carry snowshoes. You can secure snowshoes using compression straps on the side of your backpack, by simply lashing one to each side.

Although the side pockets of your bag serve as carriers for snowshoes, they will not hold the shoes tightly while hiking. Thus, you should use compression straps to carry snowshoes on a backpack because they distribute their weight equally on each side and lessen your burden.

  • Front of Backpack

You can carry snowshoes in front of your bag in numerous ways. If your backpack has a frontal panel, you can use it to carry snowshoes. All you have to do is open the front panel, insert your nesting snowshoes tail-first, then fasten or cinch it shut.

The benefits of using this method include simplicity, speed, and ease of use. Moreover, carrying shoes in front of your backpack gives easy access. However, an imbalance may result from the weight transfer from your bag to the external attachment, especially when you travel uphill.

  • Top of Backpack

If your backpack has a top cover, you can tuck your snowshoes beneath it. Although this can make your backpack’s lid a little heavy and increase the likelihood that your snowshoes will tangle with foliage, it still works.

This method is the safest way to carry snowshoes on a backpack because it allows you to attach the snowshoes to the bag with grappling hooks. Moreover, it is also a fast method and works best for winter hiking. However, if you are unable to secure the snowshoes properly, they may slide out.

  • With the Help of Horizontal Straps

This method works best for smaller bags. You can fasten snowshoes to your backpack using any horizontal compression straps that it may have. These compression straps have the advantage of being simple and quick to use. Additionally, they are highly secure and require no additional equipment.

The disadvantage of these straps is that their function may limit by their length. Moreover, compression straps are too short and don’t leave enough space to store more things along with snowshoes.

  • Use a Bungee Cord

If the compression straps are too small and you don’t want to use them, then you can use a bungee cord to carry snowshoes on a backpack. The Bungee cord consists of a strap and two hooks that you can tie along the sides of your backpack to hold snowshoes. These cords are best to hold and lift lightweight snowshoes.

If you have a large backpack, you can use two bungee cords to attach snowshoes to your bag. They are easy and quick to use. Furthermore, they are not built-in to backpacks, so if you leave them at home, you’re stuck without them. Additionally, they limit access to your bag.

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How to Wear Snowshoes?

Snowshoes are enjoyable and excellent for their intended use, but if worn in the wrong way, they may also be a living hell. Therefore, follow the below steps and make your trip delightful.

  • First, identify which pair of shoes is right or left. For this, make sure the binding straps on each pair of shoes you wear are facing away from the contralateral foot.
  • After that, place your foot in line with the bindings. To provide your foot with a secure landing, loosen the straps. Now, slide your foot into a footplate.
  • Now, you can buckle your shoe straps tightly so that, your foot remains in its place.
  • Finally, after wearing the snowshoes, wiggle your foot to ensure the firmness of the straps.

How To Keep Your Snowshoes Safe?

How To Keep Your Snowshoes Safe

To keep your snowshoes safe and long-lasting, follow the below tips.

  • Regularly check and clean your snowshoes, especially before storing them after each usage.
  • Look for missing or broken binding parts and replace them as necessary.
  • Maintain the quality of your snowshoes by avoiding washing them with soap and detergent.
  • Moreover, keep your snowshoes away from the ground to prevent them from rodents or other pests.
  • Above all, when storing your snowshoe for summer, dry them thoroughly and store them in cool areas.


How Do You Backpack with Snowshoes?

You can store your snowshoes in the front pocket of your backpack. Moreover, if your bag has a front pocket, you can tuck your snowshoes’ bottom in the open front pocket. To prevent them from falling out or swinging back and forth while you walk, you still need to fasten the tops of your snowshoes.

How Do You Travel with Snowshoes?

You can travel with snowshoes by storing them in a backpack. For this, you can use the top lid, compression straps, and front panel to hold snowshoes tightly in their places. Remember to place shoes in checked luggage before taking your flight.

How Do You Store and Transport Snowshoes?

You should store your food properly by placing them in cool and moist areas, such as the basement and attic. Moreover,  keep your snowshoes away from your children to increase their life span.

How Do You Secure Snowshoes?

It only takes a few simple steps to secure snowshoes: find which snowshoe goes on which foot, place your foot’s ball directly over the snowshoe’s hinge, and fasten the straps. Remember, don’t over-tighten the shoe straps because it may decrease blood circulation in your feet.

Final Verdict

There are several methods to carry snowshoes on a backpack, and what’s best for one person will not work for another. What works best depends on different factors, including the kind of binding you use, your bag’s design, the size of your snowshoes, and where you walk outside.

You can attach your snowshoes to your backpack using the sides, frontal panel, bungee cord, and top lid of your bag. Moreover, to make your shoes long-lasting, regularly inspect and clean them. Hopefully, the above tips will assist you a lot in carrying snowshoes for a hike.

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