How to Attach Water Bottle to Backpack: 10 Easy and Effective Ways

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How to Attach Water Bottle to Backpack

It’s crucial to always have a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. Are you tired of holding your bottle in your hand? Are you uncomfortable while reaching back inside your bag to grab a bottle? Do you wonder; how to attach a water bottle to a backpack?

You can get a backpack water bottle attachment by following a few methods. One method is to attach the bottle to a strap on your backpack using a fastener. Another approach is to pass a rope through the bottle’s top and then secure it in your bag.

Do you want to learn more about how to hold a bottle? To get a sneak glimpse at it, read the below guidelines.

Easy Ways to Attach a Water Bottle to Backpack

Although there are different ways for backpack water bottle attachment, here are the top and easiest methods to tie your bottle.

  • Put the Trekking Pole Attachment on Your Backpack

The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly inspect your backpack before attaching a water bottle. If you use a bag having a trekking pole, like the Osprey Mira Hydration backpack, you can convert it into a temporary bottle holder.

Additionally, if your bags don’t have a trekking pole, you can buy them online or from your nearby market. After that, tie their loops with your shoulder straps to attach a bottle.

  • Add Water Bottle Holder to Backpack

You may add a water bottle holder if your backpack doesn’t have one. There are several ways to do so. One way is to buy a water bottle holder from your local store or online, then tie it to your backpack to add a water bottle. Another way is to make your holder using socks and old fabric.

  • Employ Clip

Another method to attach a water bottle to a backpack is to use different clips. For this, buy a clip from your nearby market, then fasten it with the loop or strap of your bag. To secure a water bottle in your bag, move the bottle’s top into the exact place.

  • Use Velcro for the Attachment

Velcro are strips that you can use to fasten the water bottle to your backpack. To use these strips effectively, tie one side to any loop on your bag and then stick the other side to the water bottle cap to keep it in place.

  • Employ Hairbands for Attachment

Hairbands are the most convenient way to backpack water bottle attachments. After stretching hairbands out, thread them through your backpack’s shoulder strap. You can use hairbands to secure the bottle in its place.

Moreover, rubber bands are a suitable substitute for hairbands, but they can occasionally be challenging to use.

  • Apply a Koozie and a Zip Tie

A zip tie and koozie are the most common ways to hold a water bottle with your backpack. To apply them, first, make a small hole ½ inch below the top of the koozie. After that, unzip your zip tie, then move it from the shoulder straps of your backpack to hold a bottle.

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  • Use Shoelaces

You wouldn’t believe it, but you can attach a water bottle to your backpack with something as basic as a shoelace. If you know how to tie a knot using laces, you can learn to use them as a water bottle holder. All you need to do is simply grab a bottle along your bag, then tie it around using shoelaces.

  • Use a Taller Bottle Holder

You may face problems while grasping bottles from the pockets of your backpacks. Hence, anytime you get a bag, try to find one with a higher bottle holder so, you can access your water bottle without any hazards.

  • Buy and Apply an Aqua Clip

Aqua clip is a high-quality, durable, water bottle holder that you can use to attach a water bottle to a backpack. Aside from that, it works best for holding lightweight plastic bottles and is perfect for carrying bottles during traveling, hiking, biking, and running.

  • Keep Your Water Bottle on the Side of Your Backpack

Last but not least, you can keep your water bottle along with you by placing it in the side pockets of your backpack. However, it’s not the method of attachment, you can still use it to carry your water bottle.

How to Prevent a Water Bottle from Falling Out of Backpack?

If you carry your water bottle in your backpack without a holder, you may probably experience bottle falls. To resolve this issue, follow these proven ways:

  • Firstly, confirm that the water bottle’s opening points up when you place it in your bag. It prevents the expulsion of water content from your bottle.
  • Instead of placing your bottle inside the backpack, put it in the outside pocket of your bag.
  • Furthermore, use a fastener or clip to tie your bottle to the straps of your backpack.
  • Above all, if you’re concerned about leakage, only fill it halfway. The likelihood of a water bottle tipping over and leaking increases with the level of the filling.


How Do You Add a Water Bottle Pocket to Your Bag?

You can add a water bottle pocket to your bag using Velcro. For this, tie the soft Velcro portion on top of the pockets, spacing the pieces about four inches apart. After that, align the Velcro to secure your pocket in the bag. Due to the presence of Velcro along the sides of the pocket, it will stay there. Now, you can place your bottle inside these pockets.

How Do You Attach a Water Bottle to a Strap?

You can attach a water bottle to the strap of your bag by using a clip, shoelaces, a trekking pole, Velcro, hairbands, or anything you have for attachment purposes. Attach one of these things to your bag’s strap, then tie your water bottle to it.

What Is a Water Bottle that Attaches Inside of a Backpack?

A hydration pouch is a small bottle-like pocket inside your backpack. You can use it to fulfill your hydration needs. It is typically located towards the back of the bag near the center. That is where you should keep your water bottle and hydration pack.

What Is an Aqua Clip?

It is a clever tool that makes transporting regular water bottles simple. With the help of this ingenious device, you may fasten small water bottles to your belt, shoulder loops, pockets, etc. Further, it enables you to day walk the area while leaving your load.

Bottom Line

If you want to keep your water bottle close to hand on your next trip, think about strapping it to your backpack. There are several methods to attach a water bottle to a backpack, but the best one depends on the type and characteristics of your bottle.

However, in most cases, you can use clips, shoelaces, hairbands, and Velcro to secure the bottle’s handle or loop it to a backpack shoulder strap. In addition to making it easy to grasp for a quick drink, these methods prevent it from bouncing about too much while you walk.

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